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The Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection voted in favor of “made in”

The Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection voted in favor of “made in”

On 17th of October, the members of the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection voted the legislation proposed by the European Commission about the safety of non-food products, a legislation in which 353 amendments were made by the MEPs.

The main point of the disagreement was article 7, which forces the producers to label the country of origin, so the identification and traceability of the products can be improved.

The different opinions were divided by the nationality of the MEPs. While the Austrian and German MEPs were against “made in”, the Spanish, Italian, French Czech and Polish delegates were in favor.

The result of the vote backed the “made in” country of origin label on the products.

Ten percent from the dangerous products on the European market are with unknown origin according to the European Commission. For goods made in the EU, there should be a label with the country of origin or “made in the EU”. The biggest trade partners of the EU, such as the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, etc. have legislation which demands for labeling the country of origin. Traceability has great significance for the safety of the consumers. The “made in” label gives useful information, when it comes to withdrawing a product from the market.

The MEP Preslav Borissov (EPP/GERB) commented: “I am glad we managed to keep “made in”. That will have a positive impact on the traceability of the products and the level of safety will be much higher. A consumer should get all the information he needs for a particular product. This way we fight the anonymity of the goods, helping the economical operators to better trace the dangerous products. “

The vote on the report in Plenary will be on March 13, 2014.